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    Linking Railway Lines which are Lifeline of Nation

    The Railway track system is an important part of the transportation infra- structure for economic growth of our great country. Indian Railway has to carry ever-increasing traffic by augmenting the existing capacities in terms of higher axle loads as well as greater speeds. This calls for a sound track system, both superstructure and substructure.

    Sonai Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. has given primary focus in the Railway sector. Company has grabbed major tenders on Pune – Miraj Doubling Projects. Moreover, construction of New Doubling Line in the Daund – Manmad Section has also been awarded to the Company. Sonai is experienced in surveying, shifting of all kinds of signaling & telecommunication, Earthwork, Major Structures, Minor Structures, Blanketing, Ballast Supply & making work ready for Track Linking. More than 47 Km is completed by the company while more than 100 Km is in progress. Company is the 1st to commission & handover the line from Shenoli to Takari Station (16 Km Patch) in the Pune – Miraj – Londha Line Project is successfully handed over to Public use.

    • Section-IV Takari to Miraj
    • Daund to Manmad
    • Section-I Alandi to Shindawane
    • Section-IV Shenoli to Takari