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    Delivering efficient Irrigation System for Green India

    Sonai has constructed flood protection Wall at Krishna River at Mai Ghat, Sangli in 2009. Till today, 19 floods have come but not a single stone is damaged of the entire structure. We are proud that the entire structure is still standing tall.

    Main purpose of Irrigation is to fulfill a project purpose of producing crops or increasing crop production. Water delivery to the land must be provided by a reliable and efficient irrigation system. A sun-drenched, parched soil may need only water to change it from a sparsely vegetated, thirsty desert to a high-yield crop. An increased crop yield of premium quality is very likely if the proper amount of moisture is made available to the crop when needed. A canal is frequently used to convey water for farmland irrigation. In addition to transporting irrigation water, a canal may also transport water to meet requirements for municipal, industrial, and outdoor recreational uses. A variety of recreation is provided by reservoirs.

    The conveyance canal and its related structures should perform their functions efficiently and competently with minimum maintenance, ease of operation, and minimum water loss. Many different types of canal structures are required in an irrigation system to effectively and efficiently convey, regulate, and measure the canal discharge and also to protect the canal from storm runoff damage. The design capacity of the conveyance, regulating, and water measurement of throughout structures is limited to 100 cubic feet per second.

    In addition to the canal itself, it is usually necessary, because of topography or existing manmade features, to use inline canal structures to convey water along the canal route. Such structures include:

    1. Inverted siphons to convey canal water under natural channels.
    2. Road crossings to carry canal water under roadways.
    3. Bench flumes to conduct the water along a steep hillside.
    4. Drop or chute structures to safely lower the canal water down a hillside.

    Sonai has efficiently delivered many of such irrigation projects throughout Maharashtra.

    • Construction of Earthen Dam, Earthwork of main dam, Approach and Tail channel of Spillway, Head regulator with Allied Works at Alewadi L.M.I.Tank
    • Distribution System of Dudhganga Project at Kurundwad.
    • Flood protection Wall at Krishna River at Mai Ghat, Sangli in 2009.
    • Kolhapur Type Weir at Diganchi on river Manganga
    • Flood Protection Wall on the banks of River Krishna for Sangli City
    • Construction of Earthen Dam at:
      • Khojanwadi
      • Mahadikwadi
      • Umrani
    • Kolhapur Type Weir at Borgaon on river Krishna
    • Water Distribution system of Arfal Project atWangi