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    Executing Cost-effective Building Solutions

    Sonai has constructed more than 1 Million sq.ft. of residential & commercial space in Western Maharashtra.

    Construction industry includes a wide range of constructions suitable for all classes of society. Commercial construction, domestic construction, industrial construction, heavy or civil constructions are a few examples that are now displaying master pieces of construction technologies. Each of these requires different technological treatments. For domestic construction, simple technological methods are usually preferred and frequently available materials are mostly used. These are mostly low cost projects and are also short-term.

    In commercial construction, the basic concern is infrastructure that is responsible for strength and life of project. These are mostly launched by government agencies. These projects require latest construction technologies, equipment, and materials.

    With the passage of time, construction industry has passed through advancements. One of them is emphasis on designing buildings before practically constructing these buildings. Progress in technology has introduced successful techniques to develop strong and long lasting buildings. Technological progress has introduced many innovations in field of construction industry. There is huge difference between new and old construction methods. Use of latest machinery has made its way through the civil engineering. Most of the building parts such as pillars, roofs, and concrete blocks are available in prepared forms that increase the speed of construction process greatly.

    The foundations of the building transfer the weight of the building to the ground. Most buildings have some kind of foundation structure directly below every major column, so as to transfer the column loads directly to the ground. Since the weight of the building rests on the soil, engineers have to study the properties of the soil very carefully to ensure that it can carry the loads imposed by the building.

    It is common for engineers to determine the safe bearing capacity of the soil after such study.

    Construction Management is both an art and a science, and is something that is usually quite hard to do. It is hard because one has to look at a broad range of variables, and try and guess what effect each variable will have on a construction project. It is the inter-relationships between all variables and the effect they will have on the project that creates complexity in project management. Compounding the problems is the team from the owners of the building, who often sit in plush offices far from the construction site, have little understanding of the difficulties in building construction, and demand that the project be finished before time.

    Construction management is best done by people with a detailed knowledge of building construction, such as civil engineers or architects. However some aspects of this work, such as financial planning or procurement, can be done by people who do not have a construction background. With enough training and experience, a layman can gain enough expertise to work as a construction project manager.

    Planning the finances for a project is a key activity for both Clients and contractors. This planning demands a detailed knowledge of the project schedule. Once the project schedule is understood properly, calculations can be made of how much money will be required every week in order to keep the project running on time.

    Sonai has a dedicated team of Engineers, Architects, and Project managers executing cost effective Residential and Commercial Buildings working relentlessly to reach the desired goal.

    • Tree Plantation and maintenance of 25000 trees at Village Nimshirgaon.
    • Construction of Central Administrative Building at Tasgaon
    • Construction of Central Admin Building at Ichalkaranji
    • Construction of Krishna Hospital, Sangli
    • Maratha Seva Sangh Main Building, Sangli
    • Bele Chambers, Sangli
    • Dhaval Complex, Sangli
    • Chintamani Complex, Sangli
    • Shree Padma Chambers, Sangli
    • Kanishka Apartments, Sangli
    • Mithilanagari, Sangli
    • Suryaloknagri, Sangli
    • Indraprastha Apartments, Sangli
    • Maithali Complex, Kolhapur
    • Maitreyi Complex, Kolhapur
    • Infrastructure Facilities at Reliance Food Mall, Sangli
    • Shriram Plaza Complex, First BOT project in Sangli City