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one of the leading companies in infrastructure industry in India, with the vision of ‘Rising Together’

Sonai Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is a major technology, engineering, construction, management, and agri-services conglomerate, with a customer-focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality. Sonai has addressed customers' critical needs in key sectors- infrastructure, Mining, Power, Irrigation, Real Estate, and agriculture- for the last 39 years.

We have seen ourselves grow from a small company started in a limited space into a leading infrastructure player with confidence and passion to grow together with the country. Every aspect of SONAI’s business is characterized by professionalism and high standards of corporate governance.

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Bridge construction is an expensive project, all necessary tests must be conducted before construction.


Paving Tomorrow's Pathways: Your Trusted Infrastructure Partner

The Road network of India is the second largest road network in The World with a total length of around 4,320,000 kilometers…


Rising Together: Redefining Railways, Connecting Futures

As a pioneering force in the railway infrastructure industry, we are dedicated to building the lifelines that unite communities and catalyze growth.


Harvesting Tomorrow: Unleashing Prosperity with Irrigation Infrastructure

We specialize in crafting irrigation infrastructure that transforms arid lands into fertile fields, nurturing crops, and fostering sustainable livelihoods.


Elevate Tomorrow: Crafting Excellence with technology, innovation & expertise

As a reputed name in infrastructure development, we specialize in creating robust, innovative, and sustainable solutions that stand as testaments to engineering brilliance.

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Elevating Horizons, Connecting Icons:
Unveiling Our Elite Portfolio!

Embark on a journey where skylines reach new heights, and icons stand connected in a tapestry of progress. At Sonai Infrastructure, we take pride in unveiling our elite portfolio – a testament to our commitment to elevating horizons and seamlessly connecting the landmarks that shape the world around us.


Forging Foundations
with Vision: Guided by Our Founder's Legacy

In the realm of construction, our journey transcends the mere act of building; it's about forging foundations with a visionary spirit that echoes the very essence of our leadership team's vision. At Sonai Infrastructure, we take pride in upholding a tradition of excellence, driven by a steadfast commitment to innovation, integrity, and the enduring vision of our esteemed leadership team.

Executive Chairman

Mr. Shrinivas Patil

A Civil Engineering Graduate from Walchand College of Engineering, founder and chairman of the organisation, he has hands on experience of more than 25 years in the construction and infrastructure industry to his credit. He is providing overall vision and strategy to the Company.

  • Managing Director
    Mrs. Manisha
  • Director
    Mr. Ajinkya
  • CEO
    Mr. Ankush

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Strength in Partnerships: Our Infrastructure, Your Foundation